Sunday / Jan 9th, 2011

David:Feed it some cookies to make up for the sour ice cream and say “!yrroS”.

Proposals: [33]

towel ; GPS-tracker ; calculator-watch ; pen (black ink) ; sunscreen (SPF 10^9) ; flashlight ; xenon fire extinguisher ;



I’m almost ready. It wasn’t easy to adapt the comicpress-3c design. But finally, I pwned the Internet Explorer 3pxGapBug.

Currently, I am waiting for the last reworked backgrounds elements by Andi. Before posting the FIRST real comic episode I’ll try to make some little animations in the background such as flashing lights and others.

I think the missing parts like blogroll, calender, faqs, archive pages and so on, will be incorporated casually. I really hope to start this weekend.

Hello world,

this site is still under construction. Stay tuned and prepare yourself.