This is my second attempt to create an interactive webcomic.

The main character is a typical standard nerd called “berdy”. The interactive comics thread at the explosm forum that I read once inspired me for this type of comic.

Here is how it works: YOU (the reader) read the comic-episodes and give proposals on what berdy should do next. You can do so by giving adventuregame-like orders : DO this, GO there, COMBINE this and that, GIVE, TAKE, USE and many more. You may use everything you see in the actual comic or in your inventory-screen. I don’t want to make too many restrictions. Be creative!

I (the comic author) pick one of the given proposals and try to continue the story by drawing a new comic episode.

Please note:

  • you ONLY have to make proposals on the tasks or activies of berdy. I make the story.
  • try to avoid making proposals which cause the immediatly dead of Berdy. Resurrection is a really hard thing to draw.
  • I will close the comments/proposal section, when I’m going to draw a new episode. So just wait for further things to come and stay calm :)

Any languages I understand are allowed for commenting. These are german, english and a very rudimentary french.