Sunday / Jan 9th, 2011

David:Feed it some cookies to make up for the sour ice cream and say “!yrroS”.

Proposals: [31]

towel ; GPS-tracker ; calculator-watch ; pen (black ink) ; sunscreen (SPF 10^9) ; flashlight ; xenon fire extinguisher ;

31 Proposals...

  1. [1] Christopher

    secure yourself with the towel from the things puke and offer him a place where it can stay while you look for further hints in the kitchen

  2. [2] PlapperTux

    Lure the thing into a cookie jar and put it in the inventory.

  3. [3] zottelbart

    let it stay where it is, maybe you two can transmutate to a mutant with a living superpowerweapon instead of an arm

  4. [4] Ralle

    It’s speaking backwards. Go find a mirror and put it in your ear!

  5. [5] Andreas

    It is a weapon like tho one mega man has! Squeeze it so fire!

  6. [6] Frank

    Shake it until it falls off, then run in a circle yelling.
    Then say “og tel esaelP” When it eventually let’s go ask it’s name “?eman ay s’ddaw orb oY”

  7. [7] FUZxxl

    Smash the caffeine container and let the blob drown in there. Either it dies or it transforms into something different, but you got rid of it!

  8. [8] Lexa

    Wiggle your left hand fingers until it falls off laughing (hoping it will be laughing instead of getting sick all over you) – rinse hand in sink and offer ‘it’ a drink to get rid of the bad taste of your hand…

  9. [9] Anja

    bleibe einfach ein bisschen so stehen und fühle dich müde.

  10. [10] Lukas

    I like the mirror idea from Ralle, but if you go to the lab there must be a Babelfish somewhere.

  11. [11] bla

    In addition to the other proposals: Now it feels not hungry anymore. But at least due to the shaking it feels a headache. So it needs sunglasses for sure. On your way look for some sunglasses too.
    Alternative: use sunsceen on eyes…

  12. [12] milebrega

    Just let go of the cookie…. The ssockpuppet will fall off.

  13. [13] Doc Snyder

    Use the towel on the creature, it will fall asleep and release your hand…

  14. [14] PinkFlurry

    With it tongue it presses a complicated algorithm into the watch and something interesting happens.

  15. [15] Ralle

    Write another episode of Nerdyberdy :D

    * NerdyBerdy reaktivieren und möglichst regelmäßig 2mal die Woche durchhalten.) ;)

  16. [16] Das Oimel

    “!drac ssecca tsniaga rehsiugnitxe erif htiw sisoryp ruoy gnitaert” :etaitogen

  17. [17] Peter Pan

    Nerdy Berdy is back on the road again
    Thank goodness

  18. [18] Ralle

    …as if.

  19. [19] dawai

    offer it the empty ice-cream-box to puke into it, so that it will let go of your hand. ignore the beautiful yellowish colour and say: “?uoy era ohw”

  20. [20] DrKlausTrophobie

    War wohl nix mit Vorsatz *sick*
    Stampf das Projekt ein, so wird das nix.
    Leiber keine Webcomic als eine schlecht gepflegtes…

  21. [21] LaThreepwood

    Wat is’n nu? Machste hier mal weiter? Oder haste zu viel mit Unterrichtsvorbereitung zu tun? (Ich bin auch für das Handtuch, nebenbei.)

  22. [22] Anja

    ja, schließ am besten die seite. so macht das echt keinen spaß, da hat drklaus schon recht. erst versprechungen und dann nicht einhalten ist schlechter als einfach aufhören.

  23. [23] zimjo

    take the towel and hit it,
    then take the gps-tracker and hit it,
    then take the flashlight and hit it! ;)

  24. [24] bug

    Lick it to find out how it tastes like.
    (It was in the oven, so it’s maybe delicious.)

  25. [25] steffen

    It looks just like a snail without a home. Try to get a container (maybe the caffeine tank) as a snail shell and mount it onto the snail. Use the Nuke3000 to connect them stably (do not forget to put your sun blocker on or you will be burned down to your bones). If it will not follow by choice you should use the other ice cream to allure it.

    If everything works out as intended, talk to the snail and ask it to get the letter out of the tank (maybe the access card is inside).

  26. [26] sdsdf

    Pull arm out of his mouth, notice that calculator-watch is missing, tell “thing” to speak backwards…

  27. [27] Matthias

    Theo Neubauer Straße?!,10.415039&sspn=14.519573,28.256836&ie=UTF8&ll=50.93466,11.588269&spn=0.003556,0.006899&t=h&z=17

    sehr verwirrend…
    Aber “Zur Wartburg” klingt doch vielversprechend – vielleicht ist der überhunger ein Hinweis dass sich das nächste Item in einer Ritterrüstung auf der selbigen versteckt?

  28. [28] PinkFlurry

    just nuke it from orbit

  29. [29] Rico

    Say yrros and ask it about the access card

  30. [30] Hirni

    Auch schon wieder ein halbes Jahr her … ha’m se ja nich lang durchjehalten, Herr Beetlebum.
    Ich würde mal sagen, das Etwas muss mit rückwärts gesprochenen philosophischen Überlegungen über Möglichkeit und Wahrscheinlichkeit menschlicher Freiheit so verwirrt werden, dass es von Nerdy Berdy, mighty swotter™, ablässt.

  31. [31] das_Oimel