Sunday / Jan 2nd, 2011

Fi: Lemon ice cream and something is in the oven? OMG I have a bad feeling, kid! Take the lemon ice cream and throw it into the oven and shout “Fire in the Hole!!!!111″ Let’s see what happens…

Proposals: [11]

towel ; GPS-tracker ; calculator-watch ; pen (black ink) ; sunscreen (SPF 10^9) ; flashlight ; xenon fire extinguisher ;

11 Proposals...

  1. [1] Christopher

    Woohoo, it’s alive!!!!!111einsefl!!
    Say to the thing in the oven “?em rof hts evah uoy od ,teews .hts tnaw uoy fi uoy rof ykooc a evah I ,emocleW er’uoY” and seductively wave one of americas best cookies, that was in the freezer too, in front of his face.

  2. [2] David

    Feed it some cookies to make up for the sour ice cream and say “!yrroS”. Offer some of the coffee and (I know this is hard) start the social bonding process. Every adventurer needs a side kick and this could be yours.
    Have some coffee for yourself as well. When you have emptied the bowl, try to unscrew it (if it won’t: break it) to get to the letter. Read the letter.
    Great to see you back in action, Berty!

  3. [3] Hopsa

    Use xenon fire extinguisher on living blob.

  4. [4] Ralle

    Take blob.
    Then break the C8H10N4O2 / caffeine container to obtain the letter (?) inside.

  5. [5] Sonja

    Take the sunscreen that blob can reflect himself. Maybe than he can speak correctly.

  6. [6] Sonja

    oops, I wanted say:
    Take the calculator-watch that blob can reflect himself. Maybe than he can speak correctly.

  7. [7] Frank

    Draw the blob a moustache with the pen and then say, “ti pots .sdrawckab gnigkaeps era ris ouy”

  8. [8] FUZxxl

    Try tyo confuse the blob with leetspeak.

  9. [9] Chris

    looks like a mucus itself! give the mousse to it so it can speak as usual again and take the mucus with you

  10. [10] Anja

    Cry: “Haaaaaw! Erif!! Ti snrub!!”

  11. [11] Klausi

    It will obey to the frozen master XXL.
    So defrost IT.