Tuesday / Sep 9th, 2008

com-room: 6, toilet: 5, kitchen: 5, rocket-ramp:2, quarters: 1, lab: 1
Mali: take fire extinguisher

INV: +fire extinguisher (xenon)

Proposals: [27]


27 Proposals...

  1. [1] Delphin64

    - Use towel with cam (Paranoia rulez!)
    - Read message

  2. [2] lyric1981

    -take diagonal pliers
    - fix cables under console (if possible and/or necessary pull or bite off some of the chairs cover to isolate fingers from maybe leaking electricity)

  3. [3] Aratlon

    ignor the message (for 89% it is just Spam) and go to the kitchen, to drink coffee

  4. [4] Salid

    - examine control station
    - read message

  5. [5] Marko

    -Take that giant of paper
    -Check mail

  6. [6] The_Lux

    - Try to avoid the videocam
    - go to Terminal and try to hack the videocam so that it shows only a Picture
    - if you can’t hack the Terminal because of Hardware error, take nippers and fix the Problem, than, hack the terminal ;)
    - take the nippers
    - look at the monitors if there is anything interesting, look for the message und look for the bunch of paper

  7. [7] LiviaCH

    Hit the tree big buttons and throw the big lever on the left. Remember: Just in case the whole thing would catch fire – use the fire extinguisher.

  8. [8] Alianne

    Pull funny faces for the camera, then check mail.

  9. [9] Jonny

    repair wires
    aptget ultranerdapp

  10. [10] Ex1tus

    Schau dir einfach die nachricht an.

  11. [11] itzmi

    sprüh mit dem feuerlöscher auf das kameraobjektiv,fummel ein wenig an den kabeln herum und öffne dann die nachricht

  12. [12] Olli

    - read mail
    - install doom

  13. [13] useless

    - check this fucking mail
    - try to get porn on the screen ;-)

  14. [14] Gibheer

    - press the red button in the middle of the console
    if the button is not red, type in the console (secound monitor from the left, third from top) apt-get moo

  15. [15] Ralle

    Schneide Grimassen vor der Kamera, dann: lies Nachricht.

  16. [16] Ralle

    lol, just realized that Alianne wrote exactly the same… “great minds think alike” :D

  17. [17] Lexa

    Hmmm – what a mess… Check printout (maybe there is a clue why this place looks like it’s been bombed), then pick up the chair, examine it, and have a look at the cables. And, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get the message directly… Looks like it could be a trap.

  18. [18] Andi

    Take a seat, read your message, fasten your seatbelt and invade space!

  19. [19] Carsten


  20. [20] melly

    Go to the microphone and say “Hello?”

  21. [21] derSich

    Show your ass to the camera and wait for instructions from the microphone. If you get no response use the mic by yourself and say “Hello, IT?”

  22. [22] riseandshine

    Take the pincer in front of the opened Terminal!
    Try to read Message!

  23. [23] Nightfalcon

    The cables are cut with the nipper for security reason, so don’t ever try to fix it!

    Check message first, it was left explicitly for you.
    Decrypt the message (of course, it is NERDSPEAK ^^) and follow the instructions!

  24. [24] D-USA

    Cover camera lens with sunscreen for paranoia purposes.

    Take: Pliers/Cutters

    Use: Calculator Watch – Hack into the computer and read your message.

  25. [25] Sebarashii

    Take the pliers, check the loose wires undter the com station, and, if neccessary, rewire it. Then check your message.
    Don’t mind the camera, you are already on tape, anyway.

  26. [26] Komeo

    You just intent to click “read message” as right next to you the paper lot starts rustling. There’s something/body in there.

  27. [27] itzmi

    noch mit dem übersetzen der einträge beschäftigt,oder warum geht’s hier nicht weiter ;0)
    öffne die mail und darin ist das comic von der vogelgeschichte…