Tuesday / Aug 19th, 2008

odi: wait and eat grilled sausage.

Proposals: [14]


14 Proposals...

  1. [1] Retz

    Calculate your remaining life-time with your watch.

  2. [2] Salid

    Offer grilled sausage.

  3. [3] dome

    Pet the animal and smile. share the Bratwurst with the animal and search for interesting things with your new friend

  4. [4] dexter

    an animal holding a flashlight under its chin? must be a bad joke…. PULL on mustach to find out if it´s just a mask. if it´s not – TRY salid´s proposal and RUN

  5. [5] Aratlon

    USE grilled sausage WITH dog. Throw the Sausage away when the dog detect the Sausage. the dog will run after it and leave the lamp behind.

    USE Lamp WITH Towel to tie up the Lamp on your head, like a Helmet-Lamp.

    Search for Sigma

  6. [6] HinRichter

    TRADE bratwurst FOR flashlight
    PET dog
    REMOVE moustache WITH towel
    SMILE and hope to survive

  7. [7] odi

    Talk to pitbull. if he can really hold a flashlight, its not a real dog anyway. “Hunde die erschrecken, beissen nicht.”

  8. [8] Alianne

    OK. Der Hund von vorher scheint der Kontakt”mann” zu sein.
    So was. Der hätte sich ja gleich zu erkennen geben können. Was Du Dir an Stress gespart hättest…

    Iss die Wurst auf, Du weißt nicht, ob es so was Gutes in nächster Zeit nochmal geben wird… Dann sprich mit ihm.

  9. [9] Aratlon

    Das erscheinen einer Thermo-Bomb(lvl6);
    das überleben einer Explosion einer Thermo-Bomb (lvl6);
    Das eingreifen des Fliegenden Spagettimonsters;
    Das weglassen von Physikalischen Wirkungen damit Nerdy überleben kann;
    ist ja alles noch OK
    ein Hund der eine Lampe hält? jetzt wird es unrealistisch. O,Ô

  10. [10] Lucas de Vil

    +hehehe+ Great story line!
    Doggie (with moustache) brings your flashlight back?
    Guerdon him with the Bratwursts and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!

  11. [11] Andi

    Remember Sam’n'Max Hit The Road? Serch dog for documents with your next order!

  12. [12] XinX

    I don’t think thats a dog actually.
    IMO thats a Allien Life Form.

    Do the Startrek Greeting with your hand and say “Hello, I come in peace” in Klingon!

  13. [13] Georg

    Before deciding on further steps you should first check his nerd-rating to know if he’s on your side. Ask him something like “Captain Picard is like KDE while Captain Kirk is like Gnome, right?”

  14. [14] odi

    take the foldable hole in front of you, stretch it and put it on the wall, look inside to check and go through, “sum” seens to be this way.