Sunday / Aug 17th, 2008

Enigma: TAKE AWAY manhole cover GO down into the sewer USE the light of the calculator watch as a short-range lamp

Proposals: [18]


18 Proposals...

  1. [1] Salid

    Use backgroundlight of mobile phone as flash light.
    Search for exit.

  2. [2] j.a.n.s

    That was a bit too much action for a full-time nerd. I think he should calculate his chances to survive down here first.

  3. [3] Roman

    As you are a nerd, your eyes should be trained to see verything in REAL darkness (Proposal to Johannes: DRAW next pictures from Nerdy Berdy’s perspective so the reader can see everything, too :p), so SHUT DOWN the distracting calculator-watch-light and WATCH for anything interesting.

  4. [4] 2hochn

    use bratwurst as antenna to feel what is in front of you

  5. [5] stb

    make funny sounds to get an echo.
    use your calculator in combination with the echo to calculate a 3d picture of your environment.

  6. [6] Andi

    Just go further. Leave Bratwurst as a trail to find your way back

  7. [7] David

    Reflect the light from above with your watch to look around.

  8. [8] Andi (u7)

    Where are coming all those other lights … realising that are the fluorescing eyes of little creatures …

  9. [9] Ex1tus

    Warte und esse die Bratwurst. Du bist an der Location, es sollte demnächst schon etwas passieren….

  10. [10] Culture

    USE sunscreen with bratwurst to get sausage-torch.
    IGNITE bratwurst! ,)

  11. [11] Phos4

    node Bratwurst at Towel and go fishing

  12. [12] AB

    USE towl, bratwurst and sunoil to build a rambo thorch to enlighten the canal

  13. [13] odi

    warte und esse die bratwurst.

  14. [14] derSich

    Shout out loud like a total psycho. “COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE…”

  15. [15] ralfbauer

    benutze handtuch mit sonnencreme. benuzte feuchtes handtuch mit steigleitersprossen und stift.
    vielleicht lässt sich durch zwirbeln eine sprosse lösen.
    benutze sprosse mit handtuch, benutze sonnenlicht mit brille und handtuchfackel.

  16. [16] awiline

    Die Bratwurst ist schon älter und beginnt, grünlich zu leuchten. Nutze Sie als Lampe und entdecke den Durchgang…

  17. [17] Weckie Nucker

    Danke, jetzt endlich habe ich das in der Tiefe begriffen

  18. [18] Rona

    Now i will get lots of different goodies from SWTOR Shop :D