Saturday / Aug 16th, 2008

Lucas de Vil: Use sunscreen with guys eyes. Head for your GPS position.
Andi: take the bike and hurry to your gps location …

INVENTORY: +grilled sausage

QUEST: Goto location 50.935143N 11.587036E … Fullfilled.

Proposals: [10]


10 Proposals...

  1. [1] Enigma

    TAKE AWAY manhole cover GO down into the sewer USE the light of the calculator watch as a short-range lamp

  2. [2] Felix

    take cover behind cars, eat Bratwurst and wait

  3. [3] Capsaicin

    I agree with Enigma, as a Nerd you should avoid the sun whenever possible.

  4. [4] itzmi

    schließe mich da auch an…schieb den kanaldeckel zur seite,binde dir das handtuch im die untere gesichtshälfte,um dem geruch zu entgehen…steige hinab in die tiefen der stadt und verwende die bratwurst,um die ratten abzulenken…

  5. [5] nsr

    Lift manhole cover, retrieve mobile phone (that is duct tape’d to it), press redial button.

  6. [6] Andi

    well that’s easy: lift manhole cover and explore the dungeon ^^

  7. [7] Capsaicin

    Another possibility would be to ask those 3 guys behind that SUV (second car from the right) ,what they are doing there.

  8. [8] [ˈʃpʀɛçzʊxt]

    You’re at Theo-Neubauer-Street.
    When it’s Tuesday or Friday, you’ll meet the brainless soldiers of the evil: The Ordnungsamt!
    So hurry up to save your car.

  9. [9] 2hochn

    wie soll er den deckel den hochkriegen, die dinger sind _verdammt_ schwer!
    frag die drei typen in anzügen rechts was sie tuen

  10. [10] 2hochn

    tuen? grmpf wo ist die edit funktion wenn man sie braucht?