Sunday / Aug 10th, 2008

bert: use nunchuck with bus-stop-sign. like an anchor it allowes you to spin around the Sign to avoid the bus.

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27 Proposals...

  1. [1] olli

    So now it’s time for the towel-parachute!

  2. [2] Ralle

    USE signpost WITH spokes

  3. [3] nicname

    you are a nerd , so use your secret spezial nerd techics,
    go into “matrix alike slow motion”, start the gps tracker and calculate where you have to sit in the barrow that it drives directly to the next internet caffee

  4. [4] Andi

    Try to surf the barrow, just like hoagie did in the space-time-vortex in Day Of The Tentacle

  5. [5] itzmi

    augen zu und durch…in den hollywood filmen funktioniert das doch auch immer…im notfall einfach unter dem lkw durch

  6. [6] Lucas de Vil

    As olli wrote, use the towel as brake parachute.

  7. [7] olli

    Übrigens: Genial, die Panels in Drehbewegung anzuordnen! :)

  8. [8] bert

    calculate your expectation for getting alive through the line of cars and the crossroads.

  9. [9] Roman

    Fortunately, the awning of the HGV is only made out of drapery, so you can USE the broken Bus-Stop-Sign to cut brake into the load floor.

  10. [10] MindlessGenius

    close eyes.

  11. [11] Livia

    Agree to olli. Use the towel as a parachute or build yourself sort of a delta glider with the signpost and the towel. Good luck!

  12. [12] derSich

    It’s green and you got wheels on your vehicle, so you got a car. Just take the chance and use your luck to get through this. No risk, no fun. ;)

  13. [13] Aratlon

    Use sign to break at one side , to move in that direction.

    AND / OR

    Thake the sunscreen and put it on the side of the barrow. So you won’t crash in to the cars, becouse the friction is much lower.

    for both: Use Towel as collisions buffer.

  14. [14] dönaverkäufa

    benutze bushaltestellenschild als “ruder” zum lenken

  15. [15] Andi

    Use the sign as a ramp – simply ram it right into the ground before you – happy landing. It’s your only chance not to end like a fly on a windshield. *crk

  16. [16] j.a.n.s

    Right before he crashes into the lorry the traffic lights switch to green. The lorry starts up. Then Nerdy decides to use the sign post as an anchor to hang on the lorry!

  17. [17] XinX

    Use the sign as an anchor… Something behind you should stop you.. even if its a giant donut. (Just be careful not to get sued by “The Simpsons”) ;)

  18. [18] 2hochn

    benutze das schuld als stabhochsprungstab um über die autos zu springen

  19. [19] the_riddl0r

    Lean over the front of the barrow, put the busshield between barrow and tire. Pull the end of the bar up. Now you have a brake!

  20. [20] Felix

    Use Toilet-Cord-Mouse-Nunchuck with traffic light to get on top of the truck

  21. [21] mr.mountain

    combine calculator watch with GPS tracker = mighty nerd watch

    use mighty nerd watch to hack into traffic light system

    no cars will harm you and somewhere, the wheelbarrwo will stop

  22. [22] Robert

    Spanne das Handtuch auf dem Shild auf und benutze es als bremsfallschirm berechne dann den optimalen winkel um damit in den gleitflug über zu gehen :D

  23. [23] Ryk

    Gibt es noch Ersatz-Hasenhausschuhe (die letzten sind ja explodiert)? Sonst könnte Berdy damit bremsen, bis sie Feuer fangen, auspusten, dann wie ein Kite Surfer mit dem Handtuch hindurch slalomisieren zwischen den Autos durch.

  24. [24] Wos not Woz

    Draw a black hole with pen (black ink) on towel.
    Jump into hole.

  25. [25] HinRichter

    schieb das Busschild in die Lücke zwischen Reifen und Schubkarre (wie Indiana Jones-Tempel des Todes) und wickel dir vorher das Handtuch um den Kopf, für den Fall einer Kollision

  26. [26] Lucas de Vil

    Jump off the barrow
    Use towel als parachute

  27. [27] Manous

    the 101th cartel coin crack that I am having, so.. 1 out of 100 are working :|