Thursday / Aug 7th, 2008

MrW: drop the rake as trap and roll down the hill

[abbr. "for the win"] : An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post.

Proposals: [19]


19 Proposals...

  1. [1] bert

    use nunchuck with bus-stop-sign.
    like an anchor it allowes you to spin around the Sign to avoid the bus.

  2. [2] AB

    COMBINE glasses and shirt for parachute

  3. [3] Martin

    Jump out of the barrow and hope it won’t crash into the bus.

  4. [4] The_Lux

    I agree with what bert said.
    use nunchuk with bus-stop-sign to spin around the sign and avoid the bus.

    Then: If you have stopped, use GPS-Tracker to find out where you are and how far it is to your target.

  5. [5] coffeejunk

    use the force and move the bus out of your way. then gain more speed for more awesomeness.

  6. [6] twelve

    yeah the force is strong in you young nerdawan: use towel with tire, the force is with you!

  7. [7] Andi

    Does the calculatorwatch have an IrDA port for switching the programmes on tv? If so, you’re a Nerd, so use it! Code a simple remote controll for the bus and steer it aut of your way

  8. [8] 2hochn

    bewege dich zurück, so wird die bremskraft durch 4 Punkte maximiert und der reifen der in den bus einschlägt dämpft den aufprall

  9. [9] olli

    use towel as parachute to fly over the bus

  10. [10] Alianne

    Use towel with nunchuk to create a parachute.

  11. [11] Alianne

    Ah, aber nicht zum drüberfliegen. Zum Abbremsen und drumrumlenken.

  12. [12] DC

    define bus as pal (see Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis) and continue straight on.

  13. [13] Andi

    Aim the stone in front of you and jump over bus like a crazy mad ass – don’t forget to put your slobbering tongue back into your mouth before you land our you might lose it. *is it an bird, a satellite … NO … you fly with N-BERDY-AIR!

  14. [14] Sven

    spring auf das Dach des Bus und renne dort weiter..

  15. [15] derSich

    Lehn dich weit nach links, damit die Karre richtung Bürgersteig abschmiert. Die Blessuren die dabei entstehen musst du in Kauf nehmen.

  16. [16] XinX

    Use the towel as a hang glider, Land on top of the bus.. do a Matrix-Like Flip and land totally cool behind the bus.. thus saving yourself with an awesome movie move.

  17. [17] Livia

    Agree with bert! Go for the bus-stop-sign ;-) good luck!

  18. [18] itzmi

    mach’s wie in der mentos werbung…einfach durch den bus durch (ist halt ein offener bus)

  19. [19] Ralle

    Steck den Stift in die Speichen des Rades.