Friday / Aug 1st, 2008

MindlessGenius: Use sunblocker with Berdy. Open door. Go to shadow. Go to shadow. Go to shadow… (zig-zag your way through town’s shadows like Garret from “Thief” or Sam Fisher from “Splinter Cell”)

INV: +sunscreen (SPF 10^9)

Proposals: [23]


23 Proposals...

  1. [1] melly

    Throw towel over dog’s head and RUN!

  2. [2] Ralle

    Oh ein Hündchen. Versuch, ihn zu streicheln!

  3. [3] Stef

    Benutze Gießkanne mit Hund.

  4. [4] Satyrus

    USE barrow as a vehicle and rake
    as a paddle for a streatrace.

  5. [5] Sebarashii

    Put sun blocker on the towel then throw it into one direction and run for the other.

  6. [6] Andi

    Use Towel in a torrero like way to moneuver the dog against the fence.

  7. [7] PinkFlurry

    benutz deine brille als lupe, bündel die sonnenstrahlen und errichte eine feuermauer hinter dir, die der süße kläffer nicht durchdringen kann. ansonsten bleibt dir nur eins übrig ein kind zu finden, dass dem hund als opfer vorgeworfen werden kann. und dann nichts wie die beine in die hand, aber dran denken, von schatten zu schatten.

  8. [8] Aratlon

    use toilet-cord-mouse-nunchuk (t-c-m-n) to bind the legs

    Use Pen to draw a walrus moustache on his face.

  9. [9] bert

    turn around and scare the sh*t out of the dog with your sunscreen-face^^

  10. [10] 2hochn

    jump forward through the bush and hope for the best

  11. [11] MindlessGenius

    I like bert’s proposal :)
    This one is really hard. Nerds can’t handle nunchucks as well as any sports equipment and every useful tool is in reach of the dog. So you have to rely on old cartoon traditions to survive.

    Use towel with Berdy. Use flashlight with towel on Berdy. Talk to dog. Say “Boohoo!”

  12. [12] MindlessGenius

    maybe draw some eyes onto the towel to be up to named traditions.

  13. [13] 2hochn

    depeding on starting speed you could also try to jump to the right over the fence.
    the dog is approximately 50% farther away than you
    => jump fence

  14. [14] Lena

    Play dead and wait for the dog to cool down. Then run away!

  15. [15] Livia

    Throw towel over the dog’s head and knock him out with the flashlight.

  16. [16] Juja

    Versuch den Klassiker:

  17. [17] lyric1981

    take nunchucks and act “like”(!) a kung fu master … maybe nerdy stumbles over them so the next second he faces the dog face to face

  18. [18] lyric1981

    I just wonder if the dangerous looking dog would/could change into a sweet deedee-like pug :D

  19. [19] MindlessGenius

    oh mann. juja hat recht. wie konnte ich das vergessen?

  20. [20] MrW

    verhalte dich wie ein spanischer torrero :)

    benutze handtuch und nunchuk mit hund

  21. [21] Lucas de Vil

    Use Sunblocker with puppy’s eyes.

  22. [22] lucas gabriel

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of you can GO TO HELL!!@!@!@!@!@@@@!@!@@!@!@

  23. [23] Grinage

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