Wednesday / Jul 30th, 2008

Werwolf: Surprise surprise… – Well, don’t waste time! PUT on fresh clothes, GRAB your gear and SEE what kind of information (or surprise) is waiting for you

Proposals: [29]


29 Proposals...

  1. [1] Grogorian

    SCARY!! Prepair yourself with PUT ON the extra pair of bunny slippers and USE some sunscreen. Step OUT and EXAMINE daylight for the first time since 1998.

  2. [2] Wogi

    Take each and every pillow you can find and prepare for each and every possible physical “damage”.
    And of course “beeing prepared” DOES mean to be overcautionous and nearly aggressive against everything unknown (Use toilet-cord-mouse-nunchuck).

  3. [3] stb

    take the towel, make your self a helmet out of it
    take the nunchuk to arm yourself
    go outside

  4. [4] Werwolf

    Beside the Sunblocker1000000000 you’d better TAKE the bottle of clerasil into your inventory too. In the documentary ‘Evolution’ David D. fights the Aliens successfully with Hea&Schoul!

  5. [5] Werwolf

    damn! I mean: Hea*beep*&Shoul*beep*!

  6. [6] bert

    Use towel as backpack for your Items (take a string to fix it..[optional: use nunchuk])

  7. [7] Jojo

    @Werwolf: is “Head&Shoulders” a registered trademark? Anyway everyone is allowed to speak out brand names here ;) I do it, too.

    @bert: You don’t have to care about organizing the inventory. I’m going to generously disregard this problem. Anyhow, PLEASE don’t try to pick up everything you see ;)

  8. [8] Ralle

    Nimm Clearasil, benutze Sunblocker, gehe zum Ziel (3.2 km ist zwar hart an der Grenze zur maximalen Gehdistanz für Standard Nerds, aber hey – das wird schon!)

  9. [9] Juja

    grab star trek book
    compare remains of exploded space thingy to beam-me-up-pages
    rebuild space thingy and use it to beam yourself there

  10. [10] SETI-Blogger

    Put Clearasil on head to defend the cruel mind-rays from the CIA. And then go outside.

  11. [11] bert

    I never mentioned the Sunblocker, neither the clearasil.. so i do not try to pick up everything i see^^

  12. [12] Stfn

    Riesenfake & Verzweiflungstat: … das ist der WAHRE Grund für das hier.

  13. [13] melly

    Repair your computer and find the location on Google Maps (or some other nerdy program). Look up the photos of the environment and send your self-made-roboter-pet to the place to find out what’s up there. It’s not necessary to go outside if you can avoid it!

  14. [14] Carsten

    Use pen with face for camouflage.
    Search entrance to canalization to avoid sunlight.

  15. [15] Indy

    Dann schreib erstmal deiner Mom, dass Du nach draussen gehst um die Welt zu retten.

    Und bastel Dir aus dem Handtuch einen Sonnenschutz! ;o)

  16. [16] Andi

    The towel of defence is going to save you against any influenca attack, wrap it around your face and walk like Egyptian. *nobody is going to stop you with those crazy moves … skill!

  17. [17] itzmi

    krame in deinem kasten und zieh dir dann erstmal dein enterprise kostüm an um darüber einen astronautenanzug drüber zu dem buch “die welt für dummies” in der hand,kann dir dann eigentlich nix mehr passieren…

  18. [18] Ex1tus

    Now its time for your Master Chief Helmet!

  19. [19] HinRichter

    Put on your radiation-protection-suit, spray it with extra strong sunblocker, grab your ACME-ABC-Detection-Device and wrap aluminium foil around your head to protect your brain from the influences of non-nerd-rays. THEN you should be ready to face……THE OUTSIDE!

  20. [20] Inzomniac

    USE sunblocker. Wrap towel round your head, then go outside and follow your gps.

  21. [21] Alianne

    Check given items for communication devices. (Maybe in the tie?) Through this, try to negotiate a new meeting point closer to home to minimize exposure time to outside world.

  22. [22] Alianne

    Alternatively: Go online, twitter for help. Get someone nearby, preferrably a girl (I know, scary for Nerdy Berdy, but surely helpful during the course of this adventure) with street smarts to help and accompany you

  23. [23] Kal-El

    :-o Der Typ wohnt ganz in deiner Nähe

  24. [24] twelve

    go outside and ride your great special-nerd-bike to target

  25. [25] melly

    @kal-el: berdy ist nicht jojo. (trotz einiger ähnlichkeiten)

  26. [26] crus

    Put on your Darth Vader costume to save yourself from the UV irradiation!

  27. [27] Livia

    Take the calculator watch to calculate how long you will be exposed to the dangers of the outside world while heading for the meeting point. But b4 leaving check the flat for any remaining stuff that could be necessary on your trip.

  28. [28] MindlessGenius

    Use sunblocker with Berdy. Open door. Go to shadow. Go to shadow. Go to shadow… (zig-zag your way through town’s shadows like Garret from “Thief” or Sam Fisher from “Splinter Cell”)

  29. [29] Ana

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