Tuesday / Jul 29th, 2008

Melly: Sit down on the toilet seat and open package cautiously.

INV: +GPS-trackercalculator-watchtowel

Proposals: [15]


15 Proposals...

  1. [1] Tiberius

    type the coordinates into the gps-thingy. you have a towell. use it! put on the glasses and try if the flash light works properly. put on the belt.

  2. [2] Werwolf

    Surprise surprise… – Well, don’t waste time! PUT on fresh clothes, GRAB your gear and SEE what kind of information (or surprise) is waiting for you at the planetarium! Thank FSM you have a towel! So, you know the answer – FIND the question!

  3. [3] Ralle

    First try out if everything works:
    * use pen on message
    * wear glasses (did sigma know your diopters?)
    * look into flashlight, switch on and off again
    * try e^{i \pi} +1 on your calc watch, then wear it regardless of the result
    * what’s that thing on the towel? A tie? Inspect closer!
    * enter the coordinates to the GPS tracker – see where it wants to take you

  4. [4] Sandro

    wirf dir das handtuch um die schulter ^^ niemals vergessen das handtuch entweder um die schulter oder um hals.

    versuch kitt like mal mit der uhr zu reden.
    schau nach ob im pen nicht vieleicht ein laser versteckt ist
    ansonsten versuch herraus zufinden was die anderen sachen noch außer ihren offensichtlichen zweck tun können.

    danach GPS coords eingeben und schauen was dich dort erwartet

  5. [5] Juja

    go to location. find sensator software studio. be disappointed that their last success was another pony riding game. be disappointed juja already deflowered this graticule. go having a beer nearby.

  6. [6] Lucas de Vil

    Start GPS tracker.
    Type in location coordinates.
    Decide if you go there.

  7. [7] Lucas de Vil

    Theo-Neubauer Straße, um und bei Nummer 15 rum, Jena, Deutschland… Was haben diese Aliens vor???

  8. [8] Retz

    go geocaching :)

  9. [9] 2hochn

    so much equipment see if something happens:
    use A1 with A2 A1,A2 € {alle teile|A1=!A2}
    do the above mentioned

  10. [10] MrW

    use calculator-watch with gps an flashlight to get your always wanted calculator gps based flashlightwatch
    good for everything that might happen

  11. [11] peter

    Use google maps to search the coordinates and finish the pizza

  12. [12] bert

    USE GPS to find loc.
    Use towel as backpack for your new Items (take a string to fix it..[optional: use nunchuk])

  13. [13] bert

    Lucas.. die wollen wahrscheinlich zum POLARIS im MWP1

  14. [14] MindlessGenius

    Type “42″ into that and do not forget the towel. Otherwise type Geodata into GPS-Tracker after putting back on glasses and bow-tie.

  15. [15] N0NCH|P

    Theo-Neubauer-Straße 12-20
    D-07743 Jena