Monday / Jul 28th, 2008

derSich: look for a weapon first. no one knows whos out there at the door…
A weapon is a good idea – combine mouse and toilet-flush-thingy-cord to nerd-nunchucks.

INV: +toilet-cord-mouse-nunchuk

Proposals: [26]


26 Proposals...

  1. [1] Werwolf

    Guess what??? Open that damn packet ;)

  2. [2] SETI-Blogger

    The postmen is looking like Thomas Gottschalk, one of the famoust TV-Show grannys in germany.

    i think, nerdy should run after mr. gottschalk and ask him for a sign.

  3. [3] Juja

    Open packet.
    Find surprise gift.
    Look at packet.
    “Oh, it was for Juja!”
    Run after postman and give him a kick.
    (Ich hoffe, die Kritik ist angekommen ;)

  4. [4] Indy

    I hope Nerdy will find the book “how to save the earth” sent by in the package and his superhero-suit – afte that he will decide to face his destiny

  5. [5] The_Lux

    @ Werwolf: *signed*

  6. [6] Andi

    Modern bombs don’t tick… Open the package and find an other bomb. Defuse it with a banana. Save it fpr later, you never know when a defused bomb comes in handy.

  7. [7] Andi

    uhm.. defuse it with the doorknob. (just read the rules…)

  8. [8] Alianne

    Open the package. Maybe it’s the new glasses you ordered online.

  9. [9] melly

    Sit down on the toilet seat and open package cautiously.

  10. [10] Lena

    Look out for some scissors to get rid of annoying adhesive tape around the package

  11. [11] Carsten

    Read the senders address first. If not helpful, try to decrypt it with ROT13.

  12. [12] Rallef

    Clattering? Seen Ace Ventura? Damn postman…!
    Take glas-fragment from floor to cut package open carefully. MAybe use nunchuck to open leaf from a littel distance… take cover while opening…

  13. [13] twelve

    open package and surprise us

  14. [14] Christoph

    Joyfully unwrap the package ignoring all precautions. It can’t get worse, can it? :-)

  15. [15] 2hochn

    open Hulk style!

  16. [16] Anusente

    Find someone else to open the Package while you are covering somewere safe.

  17. [17] lyric1981

    search for your webcam…take glass from broken glasses to cut a small save hole into the wrapping … try to analyse the content. (maybe you’ll need some kind of flashlight if you have one. and i really hope your pc still works)

  18. [18] donvanone

    Erstmal: Such dir unzerrissene Kleidung und wasch dich damit Jojo schneller fertig mit zeichnen ist. Dann auf jeden Fall erstmal den Absender lesen? 8geht ohne Brille nicht? Hättest du mal in der letzten Runde auf mich gehört…)

  19. [19] MindlessGenius

    USE packet with space in front of door,
    USE nunchucks with doorknob
    PULL Nunchucks

  20. [20] dönaverkäufa

    -auf (spitzen) Trümmerrest treten
    -Sortenreine Entsorgung der Trümmer
    -explosionen waren gestern, es lebe die B-Waffe
    -in Paket: neue Brille +gratis Sonnenuhr zum selber bauen

  21. [21] bert

    safty first: use ur NERDY-X-RAY-GLASSES to look inside

  22. [22] rick

    er konsultiert seinen verschwörungstheoretikernerd.

  23. [23] bert

    or drink coffee/[other juices] to increase energy

  24. [24] Ex1tus

    Plastik Master Chief Anzug anziehen.

  25. [25] stb

    open the package. its the replacement of the exploded space-ball

  26. [26] ABC

    Guys, read the fucking manual (“about”)!!
    You make proposals what berdy shall do, not what happens next.