Wednesday / Jul 23rd, 2008

Livia / OlsenHH : Take the pencil and nudge the thingy.

Proposals: [25]


25 Proposals...

  1. [1] Martin

    Take the thing inside your room and try to repair it.

  2. [2] kenyoblue

    Take a screwdriver and open the front panel.

  3. [3] Kird

    Press ON/OFF or REST (if it doesn´t work call the Admin ;-) )

  4. [4] The_Lux

    @ kird
    I explain you every day: It isn’t that easy :D
    Press right Button (Circle Button?)

  5. [5] Ralle

    A bomb button? Great! Press it!

  6. [6] PinkFlurry

    guck doch einfach bei ebay nach ersatzteilen und nimm kontakt auf.

  7. [7] chewey

    DON’T press the “bomb” button…

  8. [8] Christoph

    Press all buttons from left to right and see what happens.

  9. [9] Sandro

    schlepp das teil zum PC und analysiere die Fehlermeldung … reparieren und dann nochmal schauen was passiert

  10. [10] Juja

    find firewire/usb port
    pick up cable
    use cable with thingy
    use cabled thingy with computer
    find alien pr0n

    btw: “be QUIET.”

  11. [11] Bas

    Press all the buttons to the same time, if this doesnt help, hit it softly.

  12. [12] the_riddl0r

    GO TO pc and GOOGLE the error code

  13. [13] Rallef

    Den Fehlercode mit dem Stift notieren. Hm.. ist es noch heiß? Erst checken…
    Dann den linken und den rechten Button betätigen (vermutlich ein/aus und reboot?)

  14. [14] derSich

    Press the right button. If that doesn’t work, press the left one. If that takes no effect, too go back to your room to take a screwdriver and loosen these screws to see the inside.

  15. [15] MindlessGenius

    Remember: you just got up from sleep. Before you touch anything, make sure you drink more than 2 cups of good, black, well-sugared coffee. Otherwise you just might blow that thing up by accident.

  16. [16] Lucas de Vil

    So he is curious and nerd.
    Take a screwdriver.
    Disassemble it.
    Take the memory unit.
    Try to connect it to the pc.

  17. [17] Tiberius

    take the thingy to good ol’ uncle ben, he will know what to do.

    But you have to avid pushing any of the buttons! Any of them! Even if they start to blink or make funny sounds! Don’t look at them in no fu**ing case!

    And beware of the evil Tusken Raider on your way through the urban desert ;)

  18. [18] dieWahre

    Hmm, was würde MacGyver jetzt tun? Der Daniel Düsentrieb aller Actionhelden. Aus Todesgefahr und brenzliger Situation kann er sich immer befreien durch Geschicklichkeit und Kombinationsgabe. Wie MacGyver reparierst du das Ding mit Hilfe des Fadens, der Kugelschreibermine, die am Boden liegt und des Kaugummi, der unter dem nächsten Möbelstück klebt.

  19. [19] ABC

    How can a bomb button be wrong?

  20. [20] [ˈʃpʀɛçzʊxt]

    Close all windows, Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and try to restart the thingy.

  21. [21] Kird

    @the_lux I hear it every day when you phone: “… and if that doesn´t work, call me again.”

  22. [22] Wogi

    Kick it ;)

  23. [23] twelve

    take the pencil again and …

  24. [24] crus

    take that thing carefully in your hands and look for some “made in …” brand

  25. [25] Livia

    Have a closer look on the buttons.
    (… since it crashed, I guess it’s running on windows ;-)