Sunday / Jan 9th, 2011

David:Feed it some cookies to make up for the sour ice cream and say “!yrroS”.

Proposals: [33]

towel ; GPS-tracker ; calculator-watch ; pen (black ink) ; sunscreen (SPF 10^9) ; flashlight ; xenon fire extinguisher ;



for the delay.

I’m going to take some reference pictures for the next episodes. I want to work a little bit more based on real buildings and enviroments because of the geo locations. Hopefully, the next episode will be posted tomorrow in the evening.

So long.

bug killed.

D’oh! Epic fail…

I got several complaints about a “difficult” navigation and I wondered because I build in some nice and self-explanatory buttons for browsing through the comic posts. BUT today I recognized, that these buttons didn’t show up in Firefox 2.X. So these complaints were absolutely warrantable. Thanks Andi, I fixed it :)

You can use the following buttons

to read the FIRST comic

to read the PREVIOUS comic

to read the NEXT comic

to view the current Comic in SingleView and jump to the proposal section

I’m still working on that button for reading the recently uploaded comic post.

Lift off!

All engine running. I just uploaded the first pic. There we go. The last time I drew 15 episodes until the project died. I hope to break this “record” ;)